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Mochila is an online content marketplace for publishers, editors, creators and advertisers. Designed to be first to market, Mochila leverages the power of the Internet to facilitate the acquisition and sale of high quality content that includes articles, photography and soon video and audio.

Mochila's executive team and advisors are distinguished media and technology veterans who have observed a shift in the publishing landscape, including huge growth in certain sectors. Last year approximately 16.8 billion words and 1.8 billion photos and graphics were sold over wire services such as the Associated Press, Bloomberg, and Reuters. Combine those numbers with audio and video sales, and the world spent just under $2 billion on syndicated news content last year. This market is expected to grow to $3 billion by 2008. Additionally, niche publications will spend nearly $3 billion on outsourced content. The explosion of blogs, web sites, and online newsletters promises to further fuel market growth.

Responding to the evolution of publishing, Mochila provides a resource for selling and acquiring content in ways that can greatly enhance efficiency and revenue. Founded on principles of trust and integrity, Mochila builds value, protects licensing rights and offers safe access and convenience to all who join.

Mochila is a technological breakthrough for the publishing world, combining rock solid data and license management capabilities with advanced search engine and e-commerce technologies. Created to be first to market, Mochila allows content to be an asset that can be monetized with greatly expanded revenue potential for everyone who participates in the new media marketplace.

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